Journalists Killed between 1992 and 2018

With Motive Confirmed

"CPJ has detailed records on journalist fatalities since 1992. Staff members independently investigate and verify the circumstances behind each death. CPJ considers a case "confirmed" as work-related only when reasonably certain that a journalist was murdered in direct reprisal for his or her work; in combat or crossfire; or while carrying out a dangerous assignment. Cases involving unclear motives, but with a potential link to journalism, are classified as "unconfirmed" and CPJ continues to investigate. We do not include journalists who are killed in accidents such as car or plane crashes."

"2017 was particularly deadly for women. While the historical average of women journalists killed is 7 percent, this year, it peaked at 19 percent. That may be because more women are covering dangerous beats and regions than in previous years, said Lauren Wolfe, an investigative journalist and the director of the Women’s Media Center’s Women Under Siege program."

" 'We’ve seen men who have been imprisoned go back on the job, we’ve seen men who had been kidnapped get hostile environment jobs. It doesn’t seem to impair their ability to report back at these environments, whereas women are automatically treated as having been damaged in some way and in need of protection,' "

Causes of Death

Crossfire: Dangerous Assignments: Murder:

Female Deaths by Country

Source: Committee to Protect Journalists